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EKOHEM is the new image of one of the largest producers of ethyl alcohol and DDGS on the Balkans. The traditions and experience which we have acquired during the 130 years of our history are the foundations on which Essentica is building its future. In our work we seek synergy between great experience and the search for innovative solutions by means of new technological solutions and constant investment in R&D.

EKOHEM is the brand that brings together hundreds of professionals for the realization of one idea – to work together, to co-operate and pass on their experience and training to each other in order to achieve synergy with our partners and clients and seek innovation and development in all directions. Ekohem is the brand of the innovators, of the brave young people. Ekeohem is the brand of integration and constant development.

We, Ekohem’s employees, believe that we are the most valuable asset and the main driving force of the company. Our team consists of professionals who have great experience and qualifications and are eager to implement the new industrial practices. We are motivated to confidently use the latest technologies, scientific developments and resources.We work as a team in a constantly developing environment which is based on sharing experience and knowledge. We have the courage to experiment, seeking innovative approaches for achieving the best result. Our commitment to our work guarantees excellent results which are the reason for satisfied clients.Constant training and development is a way of life for us.

Our Business Model

We, Ekohem’s team, would like to show a different side of a seemingly cold and grey industry governed by numbers, values and parameters. We seek a new and different path to our partners in order to further develop our professional field, creating a new and different business model governed by innovative thinking, client focus and flexibility at every stage of the business process.

We are the new generation of experts who are ready to break away from the dogmas of our industry by keeping our commitments in an innovative way. We are here to provoke all of you, our partners, the new generation of customers, to seek with us the way to a better product, a more flexible solution because we believe that together we can do much more.